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Big Dogs Offroad, LLC
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P.O. Box 309
Glenelg, MD 21737
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Winchester, VA - Carlisle, PA - York, PA - Frederick, MD
Richmond, VA – Ocean City, MD – Baltimore, MD – Philadelphia, PA

4x4 Trail Rides – Big Dogs Offroad started in 1990 and sits on 6,000 privately owned,
heavily wooded legal acres near Winchester, Virginia. There are three 3 lakes and a real
nice beach. Hot showers 24/7. The terrain sits on 4 large mountains with 1,500 feet drop
in elevation. We have 98 trails with difficulty from 1 to 10. We are primarily a family
campground ready for 400 campers easily. Our 3 famous mud pits, rifle and hand gun
range, boating, fishing and swimming, rock climbing and rappelling are available. Only
9 weekends are open for 4 wheeling. The other weekends are strictly campers only.

Show & Shines – Currently there are only one Show & Shines called the VA 4x4 Expo
held at the Richmond International Raceway, Richmond, VA.

Pack It In trips - These are free sight-seeing and exploring trips to West Virginia
usually 95% on road. 12 beautiful landmarks are prime, abundance of campsites unless
we go off road, highest point in WV, 12 zip lines, sky bridge, good food and good people.

Off Road 101 – Mr. Hunt was the very first Chief Instructor for United Four Wheel
Drive Association. Every student receives a 23 page Student Manual by John Hunt
copyrighted and approved by the Library of Congress, reference TXu001164749.

Survival Training – Black Dog Survival Training has been taught by Mr. Hunt for 30
years. He gives the 20 priorities, covers wilderness, ocean and desert, 15 acronyms 20-20
vision. This course will save your life anywhere in the world, any weather conditions.
Mega global disasters, terrorism, home invasion and individual protection are covered.

Adventure Tours (SAT) – These are tours, pack it in exploring or sight-seeing trips all
over the east coast in the mountains or beach. Hiking, caving and hunting are offered
 Big Dogs has introduced a new event called “
Big Dogs Ultimate Adventure”. 
Please see the Big Dogs
Home page for complete details.

Flying Tours – Mr. Hunt has been a licensed FAA pilot for over 40 years. He has flown
all over the world and completed many missions of various kinds. Flying all over the
east coast is available. Most flights are over the eastern shore and the WV mountains.
Big Dogs will take Wounded Warriors flying for free. 
Please see the Big Dog
Home page under “Wings For Warriors” for complete details.

Big Dogs Offroad, LLC, Big Dog Productions and Black Dog Survival Training are
all owned by John H. Hunt, Jr., AIC, CFE. He has an extensive military career, FAA
Survival Training Instructor and 31 years doing insurance litigation for the insurance
Sapiens pro ratis

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Ice Breaker
$65 per vehicle + $3 Paypal Fee