Off Road 101

This is a class for beginner drivers and stock vehicles.  It will be taught by John Hunt, owner of Big Dogs Offroad, who was United Four Wheel Drive’s first Chief Instructor.  Mr. Hunt has copyrighted his own 23 page Student Manual, see Library of Congress number TXu001164749.  
UFWDA has since certified many new Chief Instructors.  This course will be taught at and where Big Dogs holds all of its off road events near Winchester, VA.
Please contact Mr. Hunt direct at either or (410) 440-3670 cell.  The Big Dog schedule can be obtained at           
In 2011 Mr. Hunt applied for four (4) off road patents and two (2) new copyrights (pending approval) to be used in his Off Road 101 class.        
Thank you for inquiring into this matter.
Big Dog Staff

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Ice Breaker
$65 per vehicle + $3 Paypal Fee