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    This site is available for anyone having something for sale or anyone looking for some item.

     Just send the info and photos to John Hunt and we will post them here.

    Oh yeah, this service is FREE.



Gary says:

Every thing I have body wise is 72 thru 79 style. I have:

One 8 foot bed in nice shape $500¬ 

One grill and radiator support very solid. $250¬ 

Two nice grills (single round headlight) $150 each¬ 

One small block auto trans. Has new internals. $350.

One married transfer case (full time 4x4) $250.

One 318 v8 runs good $400

One slant 6 (only 68,000 miles) $200

One 440 block (cleaned and checked) $500.

One 440 cast crank (tested for cracks) $150.

One 440 steel crank (tested and ground, build ready) $300.

One set 440 6 pack connecting rods $200

One 440 blow proof bell housing $500

Two 440 cast iron intakes $75 each.

One 440 aluminum intake $150

There are a ton of parts that I do not have time to list.....feel free to give my contact info to people!

Thanks John! Have a great day!


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Ice Breaker
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