Big Dog Heroes

 Big Dog Heroes

Big Dog Heroes is designed to help those individuals who need help in completing a major project. For example, a person travels some distance to help in a Habitat for Humanity project. It costs him/her X amount of dollars, Big Dogs will help with those expenses.

The project can be big or small. What Big dogs needs is a detailed email describing what you did with at least three pictures of the project, what you did, and how much money you need. Travel expenses like gas and food will be covered.

Big Dogs will either pay or raise the money depending on how much is needed. This is a reimbursement program and has a limit of $200 to a four wheeler. Must be an established four wheeler in the 4 wheeling community.

Your project can be local or far away. The idea is to promote doing some good in the world.

Upon completion of the project and payment, said person will become a Big Dogs Hero.

John H Hunt Jr, AIC, CFE

Owner, Big Dogs Offroad (BDO)

Cell (410) 440-3670 9am-9pm

Email -


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Ice Breaker
$65 per vehicle + $3 Paypal Fee