Advanced 4 Wheel

Advanced 4 Wheeling

Advanced 4 wheeling involves techniques and situations that the ordinary 4 wheeler will
not face. At Big Dogs, the upper end wheelers have between 3 and 7 turnovers each
event. Various advanced recoveries are used many times.

There are also tricks and techniques to be used while wheeling or helping a fellow
wheeler. How to change a tire in the mud without using a jack or Hi-Lift.

There are at least 7 more Advanced 4 Wheeling Techniques that you have never seen nor heard of.

Big Dogs has recently applied for 4 patents and 6 copyrights involving 4 wheeling
activities. They are all advanced ideas. All 4 will be announced in June at the Spring
Fling event.

Advanced 4 Wheeling is also taught in the Big Dogs Off Road 101 class.

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